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» Comics - 138 - February 10th, 2016, 11:15 pm

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The Management Says:
erieri, February 10th, 2016, 11:40 pm ( Reply )

Thanks for the comments! ;w; they really encourage me to keep up with this horrible comic! lol

@CuteMissyCat I don't know but I would buy it if it existed haha
@Kokuji Thanks for reading!! 8D Wh-WHAT
@Tenth_Lover nightmare for eyelashes xD
@Kushina fatty is just a background character so he's not really special or anything xD but thanks for choosing him!
@Shellsan Thank you! 8D Goodnight-y!

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User Comments:
CuteMissyCat, February 11th, 2016, 12:31 am ( Reply )

Maki is scarier than I thought xD
I love it!
I wonder if you can actually buy those pants in real life lol :}

Kokuji, February 11th, 2016, 12:51 am ( Reply )

*Clicks five times* ... Oh I caught up. XD Eyelashes needs to just jump out the window screaming... so he can splatter on the pavement. <3

Tenth_Lover, February 11th, 2016, 5:42 am ( Reply )

Maki is so creepy, I didn't see that coming. He actually scares me a bit XDXD

Kushina, February 11th, 2016, 8:18 am ( Reply )

can i adopt this weird child? honk honk :'D

i don't remember who fatty is, so therefore i would love to see him again xD

Shellsan, February 11th, 2016, 8:40 am ( Reply )

Haha, omg. I did not expect that kind of expression when I opened up this update. Well done! I think I can sleep happily now XD

kwippo, February 11th, 2016, 10:23 am ( Reply )

What do you mean a horrible comic? This comic is pure gold!

jessnewok, February 11th, 2016, 2:22 pm ( Reply )

EL's evil plan is definitely working against him. He's going to be even more scarred than he was when he lost his girlfriend! I love Maki so much.

Riaya, February 11th, 2016, 9:55 pm ( Reply )

@CuteMissyCat: you can get the elephant! https://www.google.com/search?q=elephant+underwear&rlz=1CAASUD_enUS633US634&espvd= 2&biw=1536&bih=729&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhvr_KqfHKA hVEFT4KHRy4A7EQ_AUIBigB&dpr=1#espvd=2&spd=2635480117836586405

CuteMissyCat, February 13th, 2016, 5:53 pm ( Reply )

@Riaya: Holy sh*t xD that is amazing :'D :'D

ecstacywolf, February 15th, 2016, 12:57 pm ( Reply )

@CuteMissyCat: wouldnt surprise me. you can buy anything nowadays

BlueMoon646, February 18th, 2016, 3:18 pm ( Reply )

Omfg I want his underwear XD

HelloHelloHellO (Guest), March 31st, 2016, 1:21 pm ( Reply )

belly hurts from laughing send help XD
I love this webcomic <3 i just want to thank you for creating this masterpiece and saving my day, cause i felt real shitty today :( but this idiot kohai cheered me up XDD

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